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MY LITTLE TRAINWRECK was originally a screenplay that author Eric Moyer wrote in 2007. It received interest from several Hollywood actors who agreed to star in it. Signed attachments included KALEY CUOCO (The Big Bang Theory) and Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin from HAPPY GILMORE).

The book is available exclusively on Amazon.

Laura Summer is desperate for a comeback.

Now twenty-two, the former child star just landed the leading role in a potential blockbuster film. She’s anxious to jumpstart her failing career and clean up her public image.

Scott Simmons needs money. His dream of owning the neighborhood bar seems far-fetched until Laura’s film production rolls into town and offers Scott a large sum of money to keep an eye on her.

All he has to do is follow her everywhere she goes and keep her out of trouble. How difficult could it be? Scott’s willing to find out if he gets paid in the end.

But there’s a catch. Laura’s the most notorious party girl in Hollywood.

Keeping her on track will take everything he’s got, maybe even his heart, but falling in love with a trainwreck was never part of the deal. 

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